General Information

We partner with entrepreneurs and businesses from solo practitioners up to mid-sized companies, offering e-commerce sites, mobile and web app development, and professional websites tailored to help realize your business vision.
We blend expertise with affordability, serving a diverse client base in the US and Latin America. Our tailored solutions at accessible prices make us a preferred tech partner for a range of businesses.

Pricing and Payments

We offer three scalable packages for websites and e-commerce solutions, customizable with additional services. For custom apps, pricing is based on detailed estimates aligned with client specifications, supported by flexible payment plans.
Yes, we provide flexible payment schedules for web and mobile app development, tailored to suit project milestones and client needs.
Partiir currently accepts bank transfers, with plans to expand to credit card payments.

Project Process

After initial payment, we hold a kickoff meeting to outline the project scope and gather necessary materials. The timeline for delivery varies from three days for basic projects to several months for complex developments.
We offer six months of basic support via WhatsApp, with extended, detailed support available on an hourly basis.

Customization and Scalability

Our solutions range from basic packages to fully custom builds, designed to meet specific client needs and scale with business growth.
We utilize cutting-edge technologies that support both small businesses and large enterprises, always considering your future expansion plans during development.

Security and Compliance

We use advanced security technologies and best practices to ensure robust protection against threats and vulnerabilities.
We adhere to general best practices and regulatory standards, ensuring our projects meet necessary compliance requirements.

Client Collaboration and Feedback

Client engagement is crucial for us. We incorporate your feedback throughout the development process to ensure the final product aligns with your expectations.
Absolutely! Client input is not only welcomed but essential. We rely on your insights and feedback to guide the development process.

Performance and Outcomes

Client satisfaction is our primary measure of success. We strive to fulfill your vision effectively and ensure you are pleased with the outcome and performance of your project.
Project timelines and delivery schedules are our main performance metrics, emphasizing our commitment to reliability and timely execution.

Getting Started

Starting a project is simple! Reach out via our contact form or WhatsApp for a free consultation to discuss your needs and how we can assist.
The information required varies by project type, but generally, we need your project specifications and any essential business details to get started.

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